• Books are NOT for academics
    On this world book day, we want to talk about what we feel about books- so much gratitude, love, and friendship. As a child, most children in India relate books with academics. We read books that get us marks, help us prepare for admissions, and towards the professional lives, help us obtain a certification. But … Read more
  • Types of books for children based on age
    “My child hates books”, “I can’t make my kid read for more than a couple minutes”, “What’s the point of reading to a 4-month old?”. As many excuses one wants to make, there is no escaping from reading as it is the only way to get knowledge and give the brain the ability to have … Read more
  • Why bedtime reading: Benefits for children in the short and long term
    Bedtime reading or storytelling has been going on for ages. Remember how our mothers tell how their grandma told them stories at night gathering all children together and under the stars on the terrace or front yard? If you were lucky, you also had times during summer vacations where grandparents gathered you and your cousins … Read more
  • Building good sleeping habits for children–newborn to kids of all age
    “Sleep all you can while you are pregnant. You won’t get good sleep after your baby is born.” Most parents get this advice from family, friends, and those who love giving unsolicited advice (I know!). While this has been true for a lot of parents out there, a good sleep pattern is more of a … Read more
  • Hello world!
    Hi world! This is Dev, a toddler with stories to tell. This is the space where I talk about my little wins and misses, and more importantly, the most real and practical tales about growing up. This website is going to be rich in information and will have plenty of recommendations and reviews of baby … Read more
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