10 reasons you need an ergonomic baby carrier

Ergonomic baby carriers are a versatile and practical tool for parents, providing convenience, comfort, and a way to bond with their child. There are so many reasons why you should get an ergonomic baby carrier, but here are the top 10 that will convince you.

1. You can enjoy hands-free parenting

An ergonomic baby carrier allows for hands-free parenting, making it easier to complete daily tasks and run errands. You can enjoy doing the dishes or even go for a walk while your baby sleeps safe and snugly close to your body.

2. Improves baby-parent bonding

Carrying your baby close to your body can help strengthen the bond between parent and child. Babies develop eyesight over the first six months after birth. During the initial months, babies cannot see objects at a far distance and recognise familiar people with the shape of their face, smell, and sound. Being close to the baby while babywearing makes the baby more attached and familiar with the parent. The parent also feels and notices the child from up close and feels more connected to it.

3. Baby carriers bring comfort

Ergonomic baby carriers distribute the baby’s weight evenly across the parent’s body, reducing strain on the back and shoulders. Furthermore, ergonomic carriers are made with material that promotes air passage and avoids overheating due to body heat.

You should refrain from buying carriers with thick fabric and those who make the baby dangle. These carriers can even hurt the baby and make them extremely irritable.

4. Eases mobility

A baby carrier allows you to easily navigate crowded places, narrow spaces, and challenging terrain. Strollers take a lot of space and not all roads are wheel friendly. I have sometimes regretted taking a stroller–mainly because I had to carry the baby and the stroller because the place I was at was not stroller friendly. Ergonomic baby carriers can easily be folded and kept inside a bag. Holding the baby in hands in crowded places or for a long time is a nightmare.

Be it travelling on a train or going on a hike, ergonomic baby carriers make mobility flawless–it is as if the baby is a part of your body.

5. You can breastfeed on the go

Some ergonomic baby carriers have a design that allows for discreet breastfeeding on the go. You can simply slide the baby in the horizontal position and feed it while you and baby are covered.

Bonus: Skin-to-skin bonding is proven to promote oxytocin and improve milk production. Babywearing may also help in improving milk production.

6. Promotes independence in babies

An ergonomic baby carrier can help your child develop independence and balance while still feeling secure. Babies enjoy looking around while comfortable in the carrier and explore a bunch of things.

7. Calms baby down

The close proximity and movement of a baby carrier can have a calming effect on fussy or crying babies. Babies may even feel the similar (and familiar) movement of being inside the womb and this rocking can put them to sleep. Babies can feel the heartbeat of the mother in the womb. Interestingly, babies can hear the heartbeat of the parent when in the baby carrier. As a result, babies fall asleep and calm down faster in a baby carrier. Ergonomic carriers are easy to wear–you can put the baby in the carrier while the baby is crying. You may feel hesitant or anxious while doing so. My suggestion, just hang in there for those 2-3 minutes and see how the baby calms down in a fe minutes.

Babywearing for colic rescue: Using a baby carrier may also help with colic. Many mommies vouch that babywearing has calmed down their colic-ridden baby.

8. Protects from weather

An ergonomic baby carrier can protect your baby from the sun, wind, and other environmental factors. Most ergonomic carriers have a flap-like hood. This hood can be used to protect from sun and wind. In colder weather, a baby carrier keeps the baby warm through the warmth of the parent.

9. It looks cool

There are some really cool and good-looking ergonomic carriers in the market that come with some great colors, patterns, and designs. You don’t always have to look laboured or like a loader while carrying your bub; you can look cool while carrying a baby. 🙂

10. They are cost-effective

An ergonomic baby carrier can be a cost-effective alternative to a stroller, especially for families who are frequently on the go. Although you may find some baby carriers that are cheaper, always consider getting an ergonomic option. Uncomfortable carriers generally remain unused. Ergonomic carriers can be used for a long time and are completely value for money.

Babywearing is a lifestyle

Sounds like too much commitment? Babywearing is comfortable when you have tried it a few times. You need to adjust the straps to make yourself and the baby comfortable. You also need to get the baby used to baby carrier. More often than not, babies get a bit fussy for the first few times while babywearing. Gradually get them used to it. You also need to get used to carrying a baby in the carrier and using it frequently.

Babywearing is like brushing–you hate it first, don’t see the point, but once you get used to it, you can’t eat the first bite in the morning without it (and your teeth remain intact). Once you have made babywearing a routine, there is no better gadget for parents than a baby carrier.

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