US-based person donates 11 cr. rupees for the treatment of Indian toddler Nirvaan (SMA)

Nirvaan, a toddler from Navi Mumbai was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) at 14 months of age, a rare genetic disorder that requires 17.5 crore rupees for treatment. Yes, you read that right. For most common middle-class Indian people, this amount is beyond imagination. Even if one plans to sell all of their assets, most people cannot even arrange 1/4th of the amount. While the government needs to have policies for such rare genetic disease treatment, someone from the US donated 11 cr. rupees for Nirvaan’s treatment. Read more…

Nirvaan received humongouse support from the Maliyali actors, news channels, and newspapers for the treatment money collection. As the news spread across the country (and the world), many top news channels and papers appealed for this fundraising. With this humongous donation, Nirvaan’s family has now been successful in collecting all the money required.

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